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Five things I’m excited about right now

1 Jun

After a bit of a hiatus from putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) on our blog, I suddenly felt a twinge, an urge, a flash of inspiration, to start speaking up again. I enjoy it… love it, in fact, so here goes!

Fives things I am excited about right now…


1. The fact that we have become oh-so-grown-up and gone and bought ourselves a home. A lovely home, and one that we are excited about making our centre and Universe for family and friendly gatherings, nights-in, weekends in the garden and a sanctuary to come home to after a long work day. Some work needs to be done to the lovely ol’ girl, but she’s got potential to be a stunner.


2. My impending 30th birthday. I have trouble putting those numbers into a sentence. The ‘I’m about to hit the end of my third decade on Earth’ birthday is scary, yet, I am excited all the same. Goodbye roaring 20’s!

Autumn in Toowoomba 2014











3. All the colours of autumn, especially in leafy Toowoomba where driving around the streets provides a kaleidoscope of oranges, reds and yellows; colours that are quickly becoming a carpet of leaves on the ground.

10000 steps










4. Walking around the world in the Global Corporate Challenge, 10,000+ steps a day for 100 days with a team of crazy colleagues. Will keep me at least a little active throughout the winter months, plus will help me gear up for a little fun at Miss Muddy challenge at the end of June!


5. Never ending cuddles with our cocker spaniel… of course this is always on the list of things to be excited about!

Five things… we love about living in London

16 Aug

1. Underground buskers… Get off the train, ‘mind the gap’ and walk the mile (as it feels like sometimes) to our next underground line and in the distance we hear the sound of the bagpipes, or it might be a tune whistled by a very talented guy, or, it’s the strum of a guitar or the powerful voice of an opera singer or the soulful tunes of a jazz musician. The underground buskers are amazing and they lift your mood at the start of another work day. Or, it’s the perfect end on the way home from a night out.

2. A city for walking… and aimlessly at that as you never know what you’ll come across in the diversity of neighbourhoods that make up the great city of London. From fashionable Soho with it’s variety of trendy bars and cafes; to Hampstead and Belsize to rub shoulders with incredibly old and beautiful suburbian London with it’s massive Hampstead Heath; to East London with it’s markets and famous Brick Lane; to Surrey Quays, our home and a not too shabby walk along The Thames. There is nothing more we love than going for a walk on a lazy Sunday afternoon, discovering new gems and embracing what London has to offer.

London 'street art' off Brick Lane. You can find street art everywhere in London - you just have to keep your eyes open for it.

3. The seasons… OK, not so much to do with London, but with the country we’re living in. There are four distinct seasons. Blossoming spring; intermittantly hot and more-often-then-not, rainy, summer; golden autmn and cold and dreary winter. It makes for an interesting year rather than moving from hot to not-so-hot back home to mark the beginning of winter. Even as we approach mid-August, if you look hard enough, some leaves are already starting to hit the ground.

'Our park' along our street. These golden leaves will cover the ground soon enough.

4. Majestic sights… Sitting on red double-decker bus #188, we drive past Waterloo, over The Thames, past London parliament and Big Ben, through the city streets to Russell Square. Look left and you can see the London Eye, look right and there is Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. The dome of St Paul’s cathedral can be seen poking out of the city skyline across the river. Living in such close proximity to these absolutely amazing sights gives us butterflies in our stomachs. We actually live in this city and we can see these most famous sights whenever we please. It’s such an amazing feeling and I think we will miss this when we eventually have to leave the great city of London.

The view from the bus. We'll never get sick of this.

5. Parks… in all their beautiful, green glory. Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Kew Gardens, Regent’s Park, Southwark Park… all beautiful spaces with neatly manicured gardens. London’s parks are home to squirrels who scurry across the path in front of us as we walk through, with gravel paths that take their walker between flowering garden beds and giant trees standing tall and magestic.  Strolling through these parks and gardens is the perfect way to spend a lazy Saturday and the perfect way to get amongst London at its very best.

Hyde Park in Spring.

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life. Boswell

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