An update from London Town

30 Nov

It’s been a while since we last wrote a blog. Perhaps this is an indication as to just how much we’ve been up to of late and how we always seem to find ourselves out and about doing something in London. So I’ve spent my entire tube journey to work to update you all on the happenings in London town.

A big occasion happened with the departure of Kristy when she felt the need to pack up her bags, post a massive box of personal possessions home via boat and fly back to Australia. We ended up at Opal, the same bar we went to for ‘hello’ drinks when we first arrived (yep, it was the very day we arrived and we walked along The Thames to get there and the weather was beautiful!) We were happy for our friend to be moving on and getting set up back at home, but there were some tears as the realisation hit that our time over here is coming to a quicker than quick end and all the travel and mischievous fun we had as a group was now going to have to continue minus one prominent member.

In the lead up to Kristy’s goodbye, we found ourselves busy every weekend while we tried to make the most of our time left. We celebrated Halloween in style at Canary Wharf (I’m sure you’ve seen the Where’s Wally pics on Facebook); I partied (sans Matt) and finally experienced the institution that is The Church (don’t ask); we did what every Australian loves to do to celebrate the very English tradition of Guy Fawkes night and set off our own fireworks. We also lit and released floating Chinese lanterns with wishes of good luck and heartfelt goodbyes written on it for Kristy (we got off to a rocky start but we didn’t set anything within our surrounds on fire so we think it was a success!). To keep celebrating, we also saw the most fun fireworks display money can buy in London at Battersea (they are professionally choreographed to music); and for a double-whammy celebration, we went to Roller Disco for Amy’s birthday as well as another ‘must do before we say farewell’ for Kristy. Yes, you skate around to disco music into the wee hours and there is even a bar with alcohol – dangerous much? But with all the neon clothes, it’s fun to dress up and try to dance while on skates. It was such a busy month, I’m not sure how we managed to fit in work, and sleep for that matter.

Most recently we’ve been busy once again with numerous work events and social outings to keep us occupied. I’ve started back on the running following my aversion of it after completing the Wild UK Challenge (doing no exercise was my reward!) I am again building my fitness up for an 8km run around the new Olympic Park come March – I was lucky enough to have my name chosen as one of 5,000 that get to run! I’m really enjoying a good run around London with Jaime and Amy. Funnily enough we always run to a cafe and reward ourselves with brunch and coffee before heading back home – it’s a great incentive to keep running until you reach delicious food! And Matt is busy as usual with his camera’s view finder almost permanently glued to his eye. He upgraded recently and is learning all new settings and ways of taking photos with his new D7000. He will have to learn quickly with a travel photography course he’s set to do this weekend.

And before we know it, it will be the night before Christmas and we will be snug as can possibly be in the heart of Finnish Lapland, where we will also be spending Christmas Day with Amy, Troy, Jaime and Gerri. We are busy making sure we have as many warm layers of clothes we can carry in our backpacks to make we don’t freeze in the sub-zero temperatures. It will be the trip of a lifetime! We hope everyone’s Christmas will be just as magical!

Till next time,

M&M x

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