Happy new year?

7 Jan

The last thing we planned on doing to celebrate the new year was spending it in bed – well, almost. New year’s eve, I woke feeling like I had been hit by a truck with the nastiest flu I’ve almost ever had. It feels like within the six months we have been in the UK, Matt and I have had the common cold and the flu more than we have had both combined in Australia over the last six years. Going from extreme cold to warm, combined with the number of germs encountered in a single day that are on the tube alone, all attack your immune system with strange ‘nasties’. It is inevitable that we will be sick many more times.

But determined not to see in the new year asleep, I dragged myself out of bed and cleared my head with a steaming hot bath, layered up, and we tubed it to the city to watch the fireworks with Amy and Troy.

Two hours in and I couldn’t stay any longer. The fever that accompanied my flu set in and I started shivering all over. All four of us decided that home was the better option (Troy also feeling unwell) and so we started to walk. We walked for about 45 minutes until we found a tube station that was open (most inner-city tubes were closed due to the number of people trying to get into London). We ended up getting home an hour and a half later, and half an hour before midnight – just in time to settle in front of the TV to watch the fireworks from the comfort and warmth of our couch.

We arrived to two of our housemates, plus one of their mates, about to leave to watch the fireworks from the stretch of the Thames that is closest to our house. Encouraged by a shot of whiskey (to ward off the flu and to warm me up), we all headed over to the river where we could see the distant fireworks from the city, plus some across the river at Canary Wharf. Looking up into the sky, we could also see hundreds of orange dots – which turned out to be floating lanterns – all throughout the sky. Together with the ‘DIY’ fireworks that were going off in backyards around us, it was quite nice to sit back and enjoy our surroundings.

We eventually got ourselves to bed at 2am, but it didn’t do wonders for my flu. The whole next day was spent in bed again, recovering and trying to get well.

Despite the flu, which I’m now almost back to 100 per cent, our new year was quiet and uneventful, but nice to spend some down time with good friends.

All in all, the end of my official holidays over Christmas ended on a bit of a downer, but during the week, we also went for round two of ice-skating, this time with our housemates where we spent some nice time ‘bonding’. I also spent a particularly wonderful rainy day walking around Camden market and then Notting Hill with Jaime. I also spent lots of time doing wonderful wifely duties for my hard-working husband who had to work the week between Christmas and new year (a part from the days when I was sick… go figure). But for now, it’s back to work…

Till next time,

M&M xox


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