Just another year older…

13 Nov

So this blog is all about what we all got up to for my 25th birthday. Melinda has kindly let me take over the blog for the second time so here we go. My birthday weekend started on the 5th of November, which so happens to be Guy Fawkes night in the UK. Mel, Jaime and I headed over to Kristy’s neck of the woods (Clapham) to see the fireworks. We got on the ‘London Rattler’ (aka the tube) and eventually arrived at Clapham after 1hr and a bit of standing on the delayed train, which was late due to the amount of people doing the same thing as us, fireworks watching. We arrived at Clapham to see the last 5mins of the 20minute show which was quite amazing. Once the fireworks were over we headed to The Bison and Bird to have cocktails and relax with friends. Still not getting our fireworks fix, we bought our own at the local supermarket and headed back to Kristy’s old place (they have an actual backyard with grass) to let them off. The rain started pouring down on our walk there and we were almost soaked by the time we got there. We bought a ‘fireworks party pack’ with rockets and other fireworks to set off and stood in the drizzling rain under umbrellas and lit them one by one. But we did save some for next time we feel like our own fireworks show. 11pm had come and in case the tubes were still busy from all the people leaving the fireworks we began to head home and was in bed by 12.

Saturday morning greeted us with a cold but non rainy day so Mel and I thought we would explore our county and play in the autumness. Across the road from us is a park so that is where we began. I took my camera with me to capture how beautiful London looks at the moment. (See pics on facebook). Once finished in the park we went walking to the Docks (which we had no idea were near us) and continued to Stave Hill. Stave Hill is a random little hill in the middle of the Canada Water woodlands that has great views of London. We could see Tower Bridge, London Eye and the Gerkin, all famous landmarks in London. Once we had taken some pics of the view we headed back home to get ready for fireworks attempt #2.

Saturday night we headed to Battersea Park which is renowned for having one of the biggest firework displays in London for Guy Fawkes night. Mel and I arrived early at our meeting point so we headed straight for the pub as it was nice and warm. 20mins later Kristy joined us followed by Amy and Troy another 30mins later. We all then headed to the fireworks location which funny enough we could see a power plant in the background. The fireworks here were amazing as they timed with music and went for about 20minutes. We were all very happy that we could see them and you couldn’t wipe the smiles off all our faces. After the display we were all hungry so we headed to a chicken takeaway (not KFC) to get a cheap meal before making the trip back home again. It was this decision that lead to me being sick from food poisoning for the rest of the weekend, which was not fun at all. Mel and I then headed home straight away to try to get some sleep as tomorrow was going to be a huge day.

Sunday morning came about and we were up again at 7am, in order to catch the trains to Earls Court to the TOP GEAR LIVE show, yes that is right TOP GEAR!!!!!!!!! Inside I felt excited but due to the food poisoning I couldn’t help but think “will I last all day to see the show before being sick?” We arrived at the show to meet Amy and Troy out the front and then headed in. It wasnt only the Top Gear show we had tickets too. The actual car show was called MPH (Miles Per Hour) and the Top Gear Live show was part of the MPH show. We spent the day walking around looking at all the amazing vehicles that even Amy and Mel were not bored to look at lol. Although I was seeing cars like Bugatti Veyron, SLS Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Pegani Zondas just to name a few, I was still feeling quite sick and couldn’t enjoy it as much as I had hoped. 4pm came around and this was our que to start lining up to go into the Top Gear show. I was soo excited and nervous to finally get to see the show, that it just spurred up my stomach and I spent a few moments in the toilet trying not to bring my guts up. 10 minutes before the show began we went and got our seats and waited for the show to begin. It was soo cool to see Jeremy, Richard and James in real life and see that they actually look older and also fatter then on TV. As expected the show was funny, full of amazing cars and also pyrotechnics. The audience also got to be involved in the show by playing the Cool Wall game. They would drive cars in front of us and we would then vote ‘cool’ or ‘uncool’ and that is where the car would supposedly go unless Jeremy or Richard would change that lol. The show went for about 1hr 20 which was nowhere near long enough. After the show had finished we then went for a paddock tour which is where we got to see all the cars that were used in the show and see the mechanics etc fix the cars up as the Top Gear show was heading on the road that night to Birmingham where they were doing their next show. After a long time on our feet and still not feeling great we headed home as Monday we had the day off to go sightseeing.

We awoke on Monday (my birthday) to a windy, rainy and cold day but this did not stop us from heading to Windsor for a day trip. We caught the overground train for 1hr to Windsor and headed straight to Windsor Castle. It was great to go into the castle and compare it to Buckingham Palace as Windsor is where Liz spends some time when on holidays. In St George’s Chapel within the Castle grounds lay King George V and also Henry VIII. Once we finished looking at the chapel we moved onto the rest of the castle where we saw Queen Mary’s Doll House, a drawing and photography exhibition and the State Rooms. The castle is very lavish inside and there are a lot of similarities with Buckingham Palace. We enjoyed walking around the castle and thought we would explore more of Windsor. Windsor is quite famous for Eton College as well and some of the big names who went to school there like Prince Charles, Harry and William. From the castle to Eton we had to walk over a foot bridge and it was quite surreal to see the Eton side. Straight away we could see boys dressed up in Tails and thought that they sure couldn’t be students but they were in fact Eton students. We walked around the streets near the college to try to get a look at everything. We saw many old buildings, one of which was the local library. As we walked the street the boys were also dressed in army gear and sport clothes, which we assumed was them moving onto their next class. As the weather was still cold and rainy and I was still not feeling the best we then caught our train back to London as we had to get ready for dinner.

That night Mel and I, Amy and Troy, Jaime, Kristy and Geri all headed into Covent Garden to eat at Jamie Olivers Italian restuarant. The food was amazing and reasonably priced but unfortunately Jamie Oliver was not there, lucky we had our own Jaime.

All in all I had a great birthday with heaps of fun things, but if only I was not sick for half of it.

Until next time



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