22 Oct

No, we haven’t gone crazy with the keyboard… Cymru is the Welsh translation for ‘Wales’, the castle capital of the world. Last weekend we headed over the border into Wales for the weekend to celebrate Amy’s birthday.

We had an awesome weekend and it was just lovely to get out of the city and into the country side for a bit. No matter how much we love the buzz and energy of London, it’s so nice to get away from all the hustle and bustle. It feels like everyone (us included!) is in a rush to get anywhere in London, but in Wales, we certainly went our own pace.

It took us about 3.5hrs to drive to the Welsh border (it blows our mind that driving for such little time can get us to a completely different country) and then another hour to get to our first stop Hay-on-Wye. This tiny little town is where book lovers go to visit – the town features numerous book shops, new and second-hand, set up by a nutter who, I guess, loved books. There is a castle in the middle of the town, which is now a book shop, the fire station is a book shop and there are ‘honesty’ book shops where you go along, pick up what you want, and drop your penny’s into the box. The town also has a giant book festival every year which attracts tourists from far and wide. The town is also very cute! We stopped for a bit and had lunch at one of the pubs and browsed in a couple of the book shops before making our way to the stables for some horse riding.

Our afternoon was filled with horse riding through the black mountains. We spent 2.5hrs walking on horseback through the hilly terrain. The scenery is beautiful and it was cold. Kristy fell off her horse after her saddle slid down to the side – it all happened in slow motion – and Amy got the gittery horse for her first experience and now isn’t too keen to get back on a horse any time soon. But all in all, everyone had fun and we got to see more of the country of Wales. Matt’s horse was named Midnight and mine was Will (Prince Will if you don’t mind!) and was quite the gentleman!

We then drove on to the capital city of Wales – Cardiff , a university town and full of students. Their medical uni is quite renowned and a lot of students come to study medicine here. We stayed in a hotel (we got away from hostels for a night!) and freshened up before heading to the hotel restaurant for a delicious buffet meal. We were all keen to head out to experience the nightlife – again renowned in Cardiff. Dressed in jeans and jackets, we headed to The Prince of Wales pub (a cheap Wetherspoons pub) and had a few drinks and cocktails. We soon found out us girls were overdressed – mini skirts and dresses and heels are all that is worn in Cardiff when you’re out on the town, no matter how cold it is! Moving on, we walked down the main nightclub strip and came to none other than the Walkabout! We spent the rest of our night here, dancing and singing away, as you do. We even caught a free *ahem* ‘peep show’, which was, let’s just say, inappropriate!

So the next morning after another delicious buffet – this time for breakfast – we were taken into the centre of Cardiff to explore some more. We visited Cardiff castle, which is located pretty much smack-bang in the middle of the town. The town only has a population of 400,000 so it’s very easy to get around. We then took a nice long break at Starbucks and then went shopping, had some lunch and then met our bus for the trip back towards London. On the way home, we stopped in at Chepstow, a town close to the Welsh/English border. Again, another castle dominates the town so we walked around and explored a little more before filling up on ice cream for the bus ride home.

We were so glad to have a relatively early night home – 8pm – before having to get up to begin our Monday and another week of work. I have now started a new job in the marketing team at The Prince’s Trust – a UK-wide charity helping disengaged youth. The work is brilliant and I have to say I’m loving it. Matt is also still loving being immersed in car-heaven at the Aston Martin dealership he is working at. We’re both overjoyed with our work and so glad that we are both doing something that is a ‘step-up’ and will look fantastic on our CVs.

Our other weekends have been filled with random London stuff, mostly keeping it low-key so we can re-energize for bigger weekends away. The weather is starting to turn and it’s getting icy cold! The last two days have been especially so and again, big woolly jumpers are needed to keep us warm on the walk to work. The changing of the seasons is beautiful though, all the leaves are turning gold and dropping to the ground. It’s gorgeous to see. But we’re really not loving the reports from Oz that declare ‘summer is here’! Booooo!! But I guess that’s the price you pay living in the tops of the northern hemisphere…

Till next time, love to all!

M&M xox


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