London weekends

14 Sep

There is no such thing as a quiet weekend when you live in London. We were fully intent on having a ‘relaxing’ couple of days off in the lead up to Oktoberfest this weekend, but London had other plans. Even though we managed to sleep in – oh sweet sleep – we still managed drinks on Friday night, BBQ lunch and drinks on Saturday, more drinks on Saturday night, and on Sunday – shopping, a tour through Buckingham Palace and festival fireworks. We had an incredibly awesome weekend catching up with old friends and making new ones – London certainly is the place to be!

Our awesome friend Jaime from Adelaide now lives a few doors down from our place (we are working on getting our whole London family living in the same street!!!) and invited us to a BBQ with her housemates on Saturday. There is a solid debate in London about who is better at mastering the art of barbecuing – Aussies or Saffas?? Even though the Saffa who cooked our BBQ is a chef (still… is there even a contest?), arguments aside, put us together and you’re guaranteed a delicious feed! Marinated steak, seasoned chicken, pap (a traditional South African dish), salad, Doritos, wine… good discussion, great company… we couldn’t have asked for more. Matt even had his hand in actually putting together the BBQ itself after it turned up new as can be shortly after our arrival. Suffice to say that our lunch didn’t actually occur until 5pm, but you just have to get these things right!

That night, Matt and I took a trip back to our early (early) childhoods and accompanied our own housemates to an 80s club in the city for our housemate’s birthday on Saturday night. It was a fantastic club with a light-up dance floor. People dress up to go dancing here and it really does look like a scene fresh out of the 80s. Leg warmers and teased hair are accepted here! Certainly a place to go back to another time.

Sunday proved a little more laid back for us. It’s getting to that point in time where we are getting a little tired of our wardrobes so we made a detour to Covent Garden for a quick shop before making our way to Buckingham Palace for the summer opening. During the summer when the Queen is out and about, working on her tan in Greece or wherever, she opens her abode to the public. Of course we couldn’t actually go through her living quarters or the official offices where all the important stuff happens, but we walked through the State Rooms. Basically this is where she entertains with events like knighting people and other awards, functions and parties. According to our audio tour, there is something like 900 rooms in total including 240 bedrooms and 90 bathrooms that make up the Palace. Plus the huge gardens complete with a lake where garden parties are held every summer. Quite impressive indeed.

Finally, we ended our weekend with the Thames Festival. We enjoyed our time checking out all the stalls, international food, jazz and other entertainment. It was so cold along the river with the breeze as night fell and we all danced to the music from the street parade to warm up. We also passed the time waiting for the fireworks by playing ‘eye spy’ and the ‘celebrity name game’ with a bit of help from one of the official photographers beside us. It made for a fun night before dragging ourselves on to a bus, back home and into nice, warm bed…

Dreams of the fun to be had at Oktoberfest are becoming real… 3 days to go!



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