Sunburn and soggy fish and chips in the UK

8 Sep

We experienced our first English beach this weekend at Brighton. Apart from the greasy fish and soggy chips and the bit of sunburn we endured, we had a fantastic time strolling along the beach and soaking up the ‘UK in the summer’ atmosphere. Beach in this instance refers to stones – there was hardly a speck of sand – but it was still beautiful and we all loved the fact that we were on the coast. We all even resisted wearing jumpers, though it was still a little cool. According to the newspapers over here, the warm weather is officially over and there is no hope for an Indian summer. Autumn is here and it’s getting cooler by the day so we struck it lucky to get the sun for our day trip to the beach. The sun was shining and there was no rain – this is the best you’re going to get in the UK!

The highlight of Brighton is of course the Brighton Pier – it’s huge and has ice cream and coffee shops, fish and chip restaurants, an arcade and pokies (!) and a carnival at the very tip. It’s very cool and oh-so-old-school and traditional, it’s a great place to wander around. We also checked out a part of town called ‘The Lanes’, basically an area of narrow streets with a whole heap of restaurants. Including one of Jamie Oliver’s restaurants!! Getting much closer to actually meeting him – first stalking the north London suburb where he lives (no luck), next checking out one of his restaurants (no luck), but I’m determined to get a photo with him! I think we’re going to have to make a dinner reservation soon… stay tuned!

We also managed to find a small market (us girls… we just follow our noses!) and Matt decided to take on the ‘jolly jumper’ along the beach and be flung 18m into the air by a giant harness thingy, so he had fun doing that and trying not to swear in front of the watching crowd.

Our lazy Saturday was followed by a lazy Sunday. Matt decided to be all ‘motivated’ and head to the gym before we met our friends for a picnic lunch in the park at Little Venice. Little Venice is the canal area of London which has… well… a canal. It leads on to Camden and we started to walk along the canal after our bellies were full of cheese, olives and bread, but fully went the wrong way (directions aren’t our strong point in London as you can tell!) and ended up getting on a bus for the rest of the trip. The bus conveniently decided to suspend the route half way and we were left stranded to find another one. Fun and games on the transport of London!

Speaking of fun and games… tube strikes are happening in London today… Matt is having fun getting home from work as I write this. I’m hoping to see him by midnight!!!

So all in all, a wonderfully lazy weekend and one I think we all craved. Just chilling out in a great place with great company (our London family)…. ahhhh… the London life!


One Response to “Sunburn and soggy fish and chips in the UK”

  1. Grandma September 8, 2010 at 9:27 AM #

    getting off trains MIND THE GAP LOL

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