St Albans – and not my old soccer team!!

2 Sep

So I always praise myself on how excellent I am at procrastinating, and what a fine example I have here with this blog. This blog takes us way back to the 13th of August 1990. (haha not really, actually 2010). It is a friday morning and I have seen Mel go to work yet again and am just chilling at home until my Skype buddy Amy came online and we threw the idea out there that we will go sight-seeing for the day. Amy was keen so we searched for a day tour that we could do on a low budget.

Destination: St Albans. First challenge was meeting at the train station. This was difficult as the main station we had to leave from was separated into two stations and of course Amy was at one end and I was at the other. After 20mins of ringing each other and trying to meet at particular landmarks (Starbucks) we met up and bought our train tickets.

Twenty minutes later we were in St Albans, a pre-Roman town, which was once named Verlamion by the Ancient British, Catuvellauni tribe (sound smart don’t I). I wont bore you with too much history, but the town has a cathedral and market town, and is now a sought-after destination for London commuters and property wise, it is apparently one of the most expensive districts in the UK.

On our way into the centre of town we saw a nice church and the Robin Hood Pub, funnily enough across the road from each other lol. Once we made it to the centre of town we headed to the info centre to pick up a free map so we could get around to the sites. First stop was a medieval clock tower built in 1403 with the original bell, called Gabriel, still at the top. We were unfortunately not able to climb the tower as they only do that on weekends.

Next stop was the amazing and stunning St Albans Cathedral. As we headed to the cathedral up the wrong street, I asked a lovely old (mature) lady where it was just in case we were heading the wrong way, which wouldn’t be the first time. The lady told us where the cathedral was and which way to go and she said to us, ‘hope you like it as much as we do’. That was really nice to see that a local felt so attached and fond of this building. As the weather had turned a little nasty we had to bring out the armed forces to protect us from the rain. Lucky Amy and I had our really cheap umbrellas to protect us. St Albans cathedral was absolutely huge, with plenty of stained glass windows and plenty of statues for my eyes to be focused on through my camera lens. The cathedral is split into 4 sections and is one of the longest in the UK. The cathedral has been used by patrons for over 900 years and it is incredible to think that it is still in great condition and protecting us from the weather like I am sure it has done many times before.  Amy also pointed out to me just before leaving that there were people buried under the ground that we were walking on inside the cathedral. Surrounding the cathedral was lush, green grass that I just wanted to roll in if it wasn’t raining. (Most nice places here with green grass you aren’t allowed to step on). After the cathedral we headed to the old Abbey Gatehouse which was next door and is now part of the St Albans primary school.

We continued on walking through the town on our way to check out some roman relics in the Verulamium Park. We knew where we wanted to go, but when we finally reached our destination we realised we went the wrong way again lol. But in doing that we got to see some other Roman Relics like the museum and also St Michael’s church. On arrival to the park we were starving and wanted to get out of the rain so we headed into a cafe. We both had a really nice meal and was ready to continue on our little adventure. First site to see where the remains of the Roman walls that guarded the ancient city of Verulamium. These walls date back to 265 AD. Next to these walls was a pond that had ducks and swans in it so I couldn’t help myself but get the camera out again and try to get some nice photos.

As the weather had not improved we headed to the ‘Ye Olde Fighting Cocks Inn’. This Inn (PUB) is listed as one of the 6 oldest pubs in the UK. I was pretty excited to see this because I had already seen one on the Cotswold tour and it was great to tick another off the list. This pub like the other one I saw had low ceilings and exposed timber and had a very cosy feel to it. There were patrons inside eating lunch and having a few drinks in the octagonal shape building. It started as an 8 sided building but now has many extensions added onto it.

After the pub we headed back to the centre of town for one more look and then onto the train station. We arrived at the train station only to realise that the town has 2. Who would have thought???? So after looking at our map we headed off to the other station to end what was a wonderful day in St Albans.

The End.

P.S – Matt wrote this one if you couldn’t tell!!!!


2 Responses to “St Albans – and not my old soccer team!!”

  1. Amy September 4, 2010 at 2:46 AM #

    Awesome First Blog !

  2. Saira September 5, 2010 at 9:34 AM #

    I like your conclusion 🙂

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