More tales from Matt and Mel’s London adventure

11 Aug

Since our last post our life in London has pretty much revolved around jobs and house hunting (again). Matt secured a contract position at a finance training company located in central London starting on Monday and I started my new job at West End College. It’s been going quite good so far – just beginning to get busy today with lots of new things coming up like a new campus opening and setting up social media and new advertising for them. We’re more excited about having Christmas and New Year off, which both of our employers believe in, so we’re eagerly looking into where we might go to have our first white European Christmas!!!!!

The weekend just gone was the first quiet weekend we have had since arriving and admittedly, we were getting a bit bored by Sunday afternoon, but we had a task to do – to find us a new room. Otherwise we would be homeless (not literally, but almost) for a bit until something came up. Again, it was the third time lucky for us. I went to see a room located at Surrey Quays south of the Thames (and a bit east) after work tonight. We’re quite happy with our new digs. We’ll be sharing with a couple of South Africans and it’s about a 10min walk to the overground station. It’s located very close to my work, so I’ll be looking to get there by bus and Matt will only have about a 20min train ride to his work, so all in all, it’s looking quite good. We’ll probably stay here for at least the minimum lease (3 months) and more than likely up until after Christmas all things going well.

So we’ve finally had time to write this blog! Last week was quite a big week for us and equally on our wallets. We went out three nights in a row, catching up with our awesome friends at Brick Lane for delicious Indian, and then with our mate Adam for drinks. I also had the night out with some girlfriends at the Camden nightclub, Proud. The club is awesome and we were invited to a birthday party where they had their own booth in one of the old horse stables, which the club was converted from. We decided to have a late night and walk the 30mins home instead of leaving early to catch the tube. I think it’s inevitable really that we got lost walking home since I made fun of Matt in our last blog post after he got lost in the centre of London, but I think my excuse is better – wine. I certainly knew the direction and the street we should have taken to get back home from Camden. In theory all we had to do was go east and then head directly north! Myself, Jaime and Amy walked for a whole hour, stopping for directions along the way – me in heels that the girls said that I absolutely had to wear that night. We all got home fine, but my toe paid for it with a huge blister appearing and it still hurts to wear shoes now! Luckily Matt was being a good husband (as always!) and stayed up until we got home, so I was able to call him for directions at 2:30am! Thanks darling!

We also went on another London walking tour on Saturday, this time the Beatles tour, which took us to the famous Abbey Road. Was pretty awesome and our guide was none other than the Manager of the Beatles Fan Club London! He also owned his own Beatles merchandise shop and he showed us a few photos of the times he had met members of the Beatles. He really was an interesting character and certainly something to remember. The way he spoke, the tone of his voice and the angle his lips made when he spoke was enough to entertain us! We also saw a couple of the places the Beatles filmed clips for their music, the flat where a couple of them lived at different times in London, the building where their store called ‘Apple’ was located, and the place where two of them got married (photo links to the right). Abbey Road and the Abbey Road Studios was by far the highlight. It took us some time to attempt to replicate the famous cover album of the four Beatles walking across the zebra crossing. There are tonnes of people hanging about trying to do the same thing and it’s actually a very busy street and motorists were very impatient, shaking their head at tourists stopping to pose. There is a web camera that has been installed, our guess to try to avoid this very issue, where you can access and save footage of you crossing the road. We got a couple of photos and we also saved the one from the web cam (check the photo link to the right).

Well, that’s about it from us for now. Can’t wait to hear from everyone as to what has been happening back home – would love to hear from you!

Til next time,

Mel & Matt xox


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