North London – our new home!

20 Jul

We’re very excited to let you know that we have found a place to live… well, for three and a half weeks anyway. It’s a cute three-story house in Tufnell Park in north London and we’re so happy we can now call somewhere home (for now anyway). It was third time lucky for us – the first place we saw was not that impressive and we knew from the moment we saw the place it wasn’t right. East London = stay away! Our second attempt to find a home took us to Shepherd’s Bush, only to head home 40 minutes later without actually viewing it! It was impossible to find and not even the locals could point us in the right direction. So our new place is spectacular in comparison! We move in tomorrow – our last night at the Guest House tonight so wine and drinks with Amy and Troy is calling! We have met two of the four people we’ll be living with – both students from England. I’m also very VERY excited to let you know that our new home is located just two tube stops from Camden Market, which we had the opportunity to visit on the weekend. The markets have 1000 stall-holders offering clothes (cute dresses I can only adore hanging on the rack for now!), sunglasses, watches, food (oh such yummy food!!), London souvenirs, bags, vintage clothing, all- things gothic, shoes, tattoos, and one store in particular where we could have picked up fluro pants, dresses and tops that look like they came straight out of the set of The Jetsons! It’s a seriously cool market where we could have spent the whole day browsing and buying so many things that will not fit in our bags!

Other than the super-duper market (again… two tube stops!), we made a point of seeing more of London over the weekend. Our first London pub crawl was a great way for us to let our hair down and relax after a big week of looking for jobs. With Kristy and her friends in tow, we all headed to Covent Garden in the city and were guided to four different pubs/clubs, including free drinks (some very awful!) and two-for-one drinks and happy hours. The tubes stop at midnight, so we headed home just prior to avoid an overpriced taxi fare back home. Such a great night and look forward to doing it again soon!

On Saturday, we took a walk over Tower Bridge and headed to the Tower of London – once a palace and fortress in London – which began it’s life in the early 1080’s. Such an awesome place where you can spend hours going through the different areas including the Crown Jewels! So many sparkling diamonds, gold and giant gems on crowns and ball-orb-like-stick-things (not entirely sure of the proper term here!). We went through the White Tower within the grounds that house the armoury (weapons, steel armour and the like) and took a tour with one of the Yeoman Warder’s (Royal Bodyguards), who are said to be a symbol of London and Britain. The Yeoman Warder’s at the Tower of London are required to have served in the armed forces with an honourable record for at least 22 years! We also had time to go on the London Eye – the world’s largest observation wheel at 135m high. It took 30 minutes to go around and you really do get a birds-eye view of London. Great for photo ops (and if you have a height phobia!!)

We also had the op to see St Paul’s Cathedral – a beautiful monument in the middle of London. We could see the dome of the cathedral many times on our way to meetings and interviews, but we made time to step inside and marvel at the gorgeous interior. Being a Sunday, we unfortunately weren’t allowed right through, however we could sit and check it all out. I love the peace felt inside beautiful cathedral’s like St Paul’s – I could sit there for hours just looking – the ceiling is spectacular. A bit of history: the current cathedral is the fourth on this site and was built in 1675 (the first cathedral dedicated to St Paul was built on this site in 604AD!) The cathedral on this site before the current one was destroyed by fire. St Paul’s see 2 million visitors and worshippers every single year.

So, all-in-all, a great weekend was had! Pity it is Monday again and that means more searching for jobs. Now we have found a home, we can concentrate on landing that first job. We’ve both had calls for interviews and meetings with more job agencies, so we’re working hard! We’ll hopefully have some exciting news on awesome jobs soon!

We’re finding our way around London relatively easy – the tubes are easy to navigate and you can get to most places around London on them. The streets are dirty! In comparison to Japan, they are filthy! But that’s London for you and it’s nothing compared to walking past St Paul’s on your way to somewhere, or seeing Big Ben – all in a day. The Australian Times and TNT Magazine are both helping our eagerness to get out there and see more and make our first trip to not-that-far-away Europe! Cheap weekend trips to Spain, France or Berlin are beckoning!

We’ve posted photos from Japan and our time so far in London (links to the right) if you want to check them out!

Till next time…. Mel and Matt xox


3 Responses to “North London – our new home!”

  1. Grandma July 20, 2010 at 10:03 AM #

    Hi Melinda and Matthew you are doing welhope you get jobs soon

    love you both

    Pop and Grandma

  2. Saira July 21, 2010 at 11:17 PM #

    I believe the orb-on-a-stick-thingos are called “sceptres” : ) And I do also believe I spotted a few stray apostrophes in this passage, Miss Mel.. 😀

    Glad you’ve found a home (for now!). Hope you’re aware I’m living vicariously through you until I get my own similar opportunity : )

  3. mmeblog July 27, 2010 at 6:21 AM #

    Hehe, thanks Saira! So did that as a test for you didn’t you know?!

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